Other (academic) activities that do not fit in teaching, writing, talking.

Positions, roles

2018-2019 co-organizer with Sigrid Merx, Nanna Verhoeff and Lotte van der Molen of the [urban interfaces] graduate seminar series on the theme of “Urban Commons and the Right to the City” (3 sessions + 1 two-day workshop).

2017 – 2018: co-organizer with Sigrid Merx, Hira Sheikh, and Nanna Verhoeff of the [urban interfaces] graduate seminar series 2017-2018 on the theme of Urban Frictions  (4 sessions + 1 two-day workshop).

2016-2018: Lead of MCW Expertise Centre Co.Laborations, Partnerships in Media and Culture >>.

2015 – current: Founding/core Member of [urban interface] research group at Utrecht University (with Nanna Verhoeff & Sigrid Merx).http://www.urbaninterfaces.net.

2015 – current: member of Smart and Sustainable Urbanism group at Utrecht University, chaired by Frans Sengers. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!aboutgroup/smart-and-sustainable-urbanism.

2014 – current: Affiliated researcher of Utrecht Data School/Datafied Society, at Utrecht University, headed by Mirko Schaeffer & Karin van Es. http://www.dataschool.nl.

2014 – current: Affiliated researcher The Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON).

2013 – 2018: Management Committee and Working Group 3 leader EU COST action TU1306 Cyberparks 2014-2018.

2012 – 2017: Management Committee substitute EU COST action TU1204 People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World 2013-2017.

2012 – current: Staff member of the Center for the Study of Digital Games and Play (GAP), at Utrecht University, headed by Joost Raessens. http://gamesandplay.org.

2015 – 2016: Postdoc “The Hackable City: Collaborative Citymaking in Urban Living Lab Buiksloterham”, headed by Martijn de Waal & José van Dijck. Funded by NWO Creative Industries. April 2015 – April 2016. http://themobilecity.nl/projects/amsterdam-hackable-metropolis.

2014 – 2015: Project leader “Hackable Metropolis Amsterdam: investigating the future of city-making in urban lab Buiksloterham”, with Martijn de Waal (UvA/HvA) & One Architecture. Funded by NWO KIEM, Aug. 2014 – March 2015.

2012 – 2016 Advisor e-culture commission Mediafonds.



  • PhD candidate Sjors Martens, PhD candidate UU, “City Games” 2014-2018, co-promotor.
  • 2017: Visiting PhD scholar Delaram Ashtari, from the University of Tehran, dep. Architecture and Urban Planning, tutor.
  • 2017: Visiting scholar Meltem Sentürk, Ankara/Siegen University, tutor Short Term Scientific Mission Picturing Meeting Places in the Age of Ubiquitous Mobile Technologies.
  • 2017: PhD examination Board Sandy Claes, KU Leuven, 6 Oct. 2017. Dissertation: “Public Visualization: Engaging Citizens with Data through Situated Public Displays”.


Reviewing, scientific committee, academic boards, etc.

Reviewer articles, papers, book chapters, for:

  • 2018 program committee for 3rd Playable Cities workshop, Braga Portugal.
  • 2018 Review/editorial board for Special Issue “Cities of the Future“, in Journal of Communication and Languages.
  • 2018 Review for Special Issue “trans-seriality”, in MC Journal.
  • 2017 Review for CHI Play 2017, Amsterdam.
  • 2017 Program Committee & reviews for C&T Conference 2017, Troyes, France.
  • 2016 Review for Television and New Media.
  • 2016 Scientific board “Playable Cities: The City As A Digital Playground”, workshop at Intetain 2016.
  • 2015 Review for Convergence Journal.
  • 2015 Review for International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia.
  • 2015 Scientific committee & reviews for Hybrid City conference Athens.
  • 2015 Review for edited book “Communicating the City”, Peter Lang (published in 2016).
  • 2013 Reviews for Hybrid City conference Athens.



2018 NWO grant 3-year research project ”Designing for Controversies in Responsible Smart Cities”, part of the program Smart Culture – Creative Cities. Project lead: Mascha van der Voort. Co-leads: Peter-Paul Verbeek & Michiel de Lange.

2016 UU seed funding Games Research focus area, 2016-2017 for proposal “Game co-design for sustainable city governance”. Co-applicant; lead researcher: Joost Vervoort.

2016 Fund for the Creative Industries for project “Games for Cities” 2016-2017. As co-applicant on behalf of The Mobile City foundation; main applicant: Play the City. http://www.gamesforcities.com.

2015 Game research seed funding “The Playful City: a people-centric perspective of the smart city”. 14 September 2015. Main applicant, with Albert Meijer (USG) and Joske Houtkamp (ICS).

2015 Funding for STSM “The Playful City: play and games for citizen participation in the smart city“, March 24th – April 2nd, 2015. Host institution: Digital Cultures Research Center (DCRC – Dir. Mandy Rose) at the Pervasive Media Studio/Watershed, Bristol UK.

2015 NWO Creative Industries “The hackable city: Collaborative citymaking in urban living lab Buiksloterham”, 2015-2016. Co-authored; project leader: Martijn de Waal. Partners: One Achitecture, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, Stichting Buiksloterham; participating as postdoc.

2014 NWO KIEM “Hackable Metropolis Amsterdam: investigating the future of city-making in urban lab Buiksloterham”, 2014. Main applicant and project leader. Partner: One Architecture.

2014 Creative Industries Fund NL “Smart City business models”. Project leader One Architecture, in collaboration with The Mobile City. 2014-2015.

2013 EU COST Action TU1306 Cyberparks. Founding member in concept development, writing application and forming network, 2013.

2013 Co-authored proposal Creative Industries Research Centre Amsterdam (CIRCA) for Embedded Researcher position at UvA, One Achitecture and The Mobile City, 2013.

2013 Fund for the Creative Industries for project Made By Us, in collaboration with The New Institute (Het Nieuwe Instituut), 2013. www.themobilecity.nl/madebyus.

2013 Fund for the Creative Industries, province of noord-Brabant, SNS Reaal Bank, and others for design research project Rezone Playful Interventions, 2013. www.rezone.eu.

2013 Creative Industries Fund + Pauwhof fonds: research project Public Space and the Public Good, 2013.

2012 Pauwhof fonds + Stichting Doen: Social Cities of Tomorrow conference, 2012. www.socialcitiesoftomorrow.nl.