Other (academic) activities that do not fit in teaching, writing, or activities (e.g. ongoing positions, roles, etc.).

1) Positions 2) PhD 3) Reviews, committees, boards 4) Grants


  • 2022 Viva committee Louise Mullagh (Lancaster University UK – supervisor Nick Dunn) on 28 Feb. 2022
  • 2019 – current external supervision of Teis De Greve
    PhD candidate LUCA School of Arts, Genk, Belgium

  • 2014-2020 co-promotor Sjors Martens, PhD candidate UU, “City Games” , (dissertation defense: 22 June 2020).

  • 2017 host of Visiting PhD scholar Delaram Ashtari, from the University of Tehran, dep. Architecture and Urban Planning, tutor.
  • 2017 host of Visiting scholar Meltem Sentürk, Ankara/Siegen University, tutor Short Term Scientific Mission Picturing Meeting Places in the Age of Ubiquitous Mobile Technologies.
  • 2017 PhD examination Board Sandy Claes, KU Leuven, 6 Oct. 2017. Dissertation: “Public Visualization: Engaging Citizens with Data through Situated Public Displays”.
  • 2021 review for journal Space & Culture special issue ‘Cities as Playgrounds/Playgrounds as Cities’.
  • 2021 review for journal Convergence for  Special Issue ‘Critical Technical Practice(s) in Digital Research’
  • 2020 book review for Springer on Technology and the City: Towards a Philosophy of Urban Technologies.
  • 2019 review for journal Architecture and Culture.
  • 2019 Book project review for Routledge on playful/gameful interventions in urban public space.
  • 2019 book project review for Amsterdam University Press on Digital Media Practices.
  • 2018 review for journal Universal Access in the Information Society.
  • 2018 program committee for 3rd Playable Cities workshop, Braga Portugal.
  • 2018 Review/editorial board for Special Issue “Cities of the Future“, in Journal of Communication and Languages.
  • 2018 Review for Special Issue “trans-seriality”, in MC Journal.
  • 2017 Review for CHI Play 2017, Amsterdam.
  • 2017 Program Committee & reviews for C&T Conference 2017, Troyes, France.
  • 2016 Review for journal Television and New Media.
  • 2016 Scientific board “Playable Cities: The City As A Digital Playground”, workshop at Intetain 2016.
  • 2015 Review for Convergence Journal.
  • 2015 Review for International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia.
  • 2015 Scientific committee & reviews for Hybrid City conference Athens.
  • 2015 Review for edited book “Communicating the City”, Peter Lang (published in 2016).
  • 2013 Reviews for Hybrid City conference Athens.
  • 2022 co-applicant ‘Open Cities Platform: creative methods and social labs for resilient public futures’ for Thematic Area Institutions for Open Societies at Utrecht University (leads: Nanna Verhoeff, Ajay Bailey, Martijn Oosterbaan, Dr. David Henig).
  • 2021 co-applicant ‘Co-creating alternative ‘zero-waste’ urban imaginaries‘ for Thematic Area ‘Transforming Cities – Pathways to Sustainability’ at Utrecht University (leads: Corelia Baibarac-Duignan, Tamalone van den Eijnden).
  • 2019 Special interest group “Inclusion in the Datafied City“, as part of the Utrecht University focus area “Governing the Digital Society“.
  • 2019 Special interest group “Playful Cities“, as part of the Utrecht University focus area “Game Research“.
  • 2019 Funding for MAB20 event Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.
  • 2018 NWO grant 3-year research project ”Designing for Controversies in Responsible Smart Cities”, part of the program Smart Culture – Creative Cities. Project lead: Mascha van der Voort. Co-leads: Peter-Paul Verbeek & Michiel de Lange.
  • 2016 UU seed funding Games Research focus area, 2016-2017 for proposal “Game co-design for sustainable city governance”. Co-applicant; lead researcher: Joost Vervoort.
  • 2016 Fund for the Creative Industries for project “Games for Cities” 2016-2017. As co-applicant on behalf of The Mobile City foundation; main applicant: Play the City. http://www.gamesforcities.com.
  • 2015 Game research seed funding “The Playful City: a people-centric perspective of the smart city”. 14 September 2015. Main applicant, with Albert Meijer (USG) and Joske Houtkamp (ICS).
  • 2015 Funding for STSM “The Playful City: play and games for citizen participation in the smart city“, March 24th – April 2nd, 2015. Host institution: Digital Cultures Research Center (DCRC – Dir. Mandy Rose) at the Pervasive Media Studio/Watershed, Bristol UK.
  • 2015 NWO Creative Industries “The hackable city: Collaborative citymaking in urban living lab Buiksloterham”, 2015-2016. Co-authored; project leader: Martijn de Waal. Partners: One Achitecture, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken, Stichting Buiksloterham; participating as postdoc.
  • 2014 NWO KIEM “Hackable Metropolis Amsterdam: investigating the future of city-making in urban lab Buiksloterham”, 2014. Main applicant and project leader. Partner: One Architecture.
  • 2014 Creative Industries Fund NL “Smart City business models”. Project leader One Architecture, in collaboration with The Mobile City. 2014-2015.
  • 2013 EU COST Action TU1306 Cyberparks. Founding member in concept development, writing application and forming network, 2013.
  • 2013 Co-authored proposal Creative Industries Research Centre Amsterdam (CIRCA) for Embedded Researcher position at UvA, One Achitecture and The Mobile City, 2013.
  • 2013 Fund for the Creative Industries for project Made By Us, in collaboration with The New Institute (Het Nieuwe Instituut), 2013. www.themobilecity.nl/madebyus.
  • 2013 Fund for the Creative Industries, province of noord-Brabant, SNS Reaal Bank, and others for design research project Rezone Playful Interventions, 2013. www.rezone.eu.
  • 2013 Creative Industries Fund + Pauwhof fonds: research project Public Space and the Public Good, 2013.
  • 2012 Pauwhof fonds + Stichting Doen: Social Cities of Tomorrow conference, 2012. www.socialcitiesoftomorrow.nl.