Dutch political party worried about rise of smart doorbells

Dutch local news channel for Amsterdam AT5 reports that GroenLinks, a Dutch leftwing green party, is worried about the rampant use of smart doorbells like Ring.

GroenLinks is worried about the implications of these doorbells for people’s privacy and for social cohesion in the city. The problem according to GroenLinks is that these doorbell cameras are filming public space instead of private terrain. In Amsterdam’s smaller streets it is possible to peek into each others homes. A study by Amsterdam Municipality (no source is given in the article) would suggest that a majority of inhabitants have uncomfortable feelings about so many smart doorbells in public. A spokesperson is quoted: “While the smart doorbell can contribute to a greater sense of safety for property owners, it can have the adverse consequence for other groups of being filmed unwittingly all the time.”

Earlier I reblogged another news article about smart doorbells.

Link to original article in Dutch >>

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