Special issue in Mediapolis: Creative Urban Methods

I am very happy and proud to announce that the special issue in Mediapolis Journal on Creative Urban Methods, that I co-edited with my [urban interfaces] colleagues Sigrid Merx, Nanna Verhoeff & Coco Kanters, and with the invaluable help of Elle Zwinkels, is out now!  See our own introduction here: https://www.mediapolisjournal.com/2023/11/creative-urban-methods/.

In addition to our own introduction, this special issue contains contributions by:

  • Gillian Sonnad and Noortje van Amsterdam
  • Karin van Es and Marcel Broersma
  • Inte Gloerich and Gabriele Ferri
  • Anastasia Hacopian
  • Jan van Duppen, Augusto Anéas, Aileen Harvey, Sandra Jasper, Laura Kemmer and Claudia Muniz

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