Observing the backstage behavior of influencers in public spaces with cameras

Vice had an interesting short article about Belgian artist Dries Depoorter’s new project “The Follower”. The project “combines AI, open access cameras, and influencers to show behind the scenes of viral shots—without them knowing.”

What i find interesting about this is how ‘smart tech’ like surveillance cameras in urban public spaces can be used for artistic purposes, in this case to reveal something about the tension between frontage and backstage behavior of online influencers who use the city as a backdrop.

“Depoorter recorded weeks of footage from open access cameras, which observe public spaces, and which frequently have livestreams available online for anyone to access, that were trained on famous landmarks….”

“After collecting the recordings, Depoorter trained software to scan through the footage and find influencers with more than 100,000 followers, and match them with the photo they took in front of the landmark…”

Link to article on Vice >>

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