Platform cooperatives in urban mobility

I realize that up to now most of the news items i’ve reposted speak about digital tech as a threat to urban public life as we know it. Or – perhaps more accurately – we tend to judge new urban media tech in retrospect, through lenses tainted in nostalgia for an ideal type urban society that never really was, or at least not for everybody.

Therefore, i wanted to also repost an item from Wired that strikes a more optimistic tone, on co-ops in the so-called ‘sharing economy’. I am not convinced this is the answer to exploitative labor and other woes, but at least commons-based collaborations have been tried and tested. Surely they come with their own problems of in- and exclusion, though…

Worker-Owned Apps Are Redefining the Sharing Economy

As Uber and its ilk face high prices, increased regulation, and labor shortages, a new cooperative model is thriving.

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