Presenting “Designing for Controversies in Responsible Smart Cities” at #BeyondSmartCitiesToday conference

On 19 Sept. 2019, I was invited to talk about our research project “Designing for Controversies in Responsible Smart Cities“, at the event Beyond Smart Cities Today, organized by Centre for BOLD Cities. Very well organized and great lineup with – among others – the following speakers:

Rob Kitchin (Maynooth University)
Ayona Datta (University College London)
Alberto Vanolo (University of Turin)
Maria Kaika (University of Amsterdam)
Willem Schinkel (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Bianca Wylie (Tech Reset Canada & #BlockSidewalk)
Michiel de Lange (Utrecht University)
Carina Listerborn (University of Malmö)
Linda Kool (Rathenau Institute)
Liesbet van Zoonen (Erasmus University, LDE Centre for BOLD Cities)

I presented the outlines of the project so far, based on work done by team members Julieta Matos Castaño (postdoc UTwente), Anouk Geenen (PhD UTwente), and Corelia Baibarac-Duignan (postdoc UU).

See slides below (or download pdf, 4 MB)


image credit: Centre for BOLD Cities

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