WIP: Special Issue Leonardo Electronic Almanac on Urban Interfaces

Together with [urban interfaces] colleagues Nanna Verhoef & Sigrid Merx, I am co-editing a special issue in Leonardo Electronic Almanac, titled “Urban Interfaces: Media, Art and Performance in Public Spaces”. The issue is still work in progress, but a number of contributions by various authors have already been posted on the LEA website >>.

In this collection of essays, we advance the notion of urban interfaces to explore how situated media, art, and performances (co-)constitute and (co-)construct the public spaces of our mediatized cities. Central is the question how urban interfaces may act as privileged sites to negotiate contemporary frictions in and about these spaces – frictions around such issues as digitization and datafication, privatization and commercialization, individualization, and immigration. This issue investigates how these negotiations take shape and contribute to understandings of the role of art and technology in public space.

Among the contributions that have already been put up on the LEA website is our own introduction to the issue, called “Urban Interfaces: Between Object, Concept, and Cultural Practice.”.

This post will be updated when the issue is completed.

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