Moderation session at Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), 27/28 Sept. 2017

As the leader of expertise center Co.Laborations at our department of Media & Culture Studies, I’m setting up and coordinating collaborations with a variety of professional partners, like the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF).

Co.Laborations is the Media and Culture Studies department Expertise Centre, based at Utrecht University. Co.Laborations aims to foster partnerships between academia and practitioners in the fields of media and culture. With these partnerships we aim to share our knowledge and expertise to a wider circle of professionals and audiences, and in turn learn from professionals in order to enhance research and education, and help students prepare for their career after their studies.

On 27/28 Sept. 2017, I moderated a round table, and co-organized and moderated a session during the Interactive program of the 2017 Netherlands Film Festival (NFF), set up by Paulien Dresscher.

The session Algorithmic Reality (in collaboration with De Groene Amsterdammer & Expertisecentrum Co.laborations Universiteit Utrecht) explored ways in which journalism and art are already dealing with the prevalence of Algorithms in their professional disciplines. With: Casper Thomas (De Groene Amsterdammer, via Skype), Danielle Arets about the blockchain project of De Utrechtse Internet Courant (DUIC), and the collaboration between author Anton Dautzenberg and Gijs de Heij on literary algorithms.

The report (in Dutch) of the expert meeting Digital Storytelling at the NFF can be downloaded here >>

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