Talk “Mapping the smart city: dashboards, data, design” at TRADERS Training Week #3 on Performative Mapping

Just before the Summer Break, on July 3 2015, I gave a talk at TRADERS Training Week #3 about Performative Mapping, organized by Design Academy Eindhoven.

The talk was called called “Mapping the smart city: dashboards, data, design”. It was based in part on the research I did for the chapter “From real-time city to asynchronicity: exploring temporalities of smart city dashboards.” in the forthcoming volume “Time Travelers: Temporality And Digital Mapping” (eds. Alex Gekker, Sam Hind, Sybille Lammes, Chris Perkins and Clancy Wilmott).

See pdf of presentation below.

Mapping the smart city dashboards, data, design

150703_Michiel_de_Lange-Urban_Dashboards-TRADERS-s (pdf 2.5 MB)

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