“Made By Us”: new program about industrial heritage and smart & social cities, Beijing/NL/Shenzhen

We are happy to announce Made By Us, a new project The Mobile City is partnering in with The New InstituteMade By Us is a six-month research-by-design program investigating creative reuses of former industrial plants. The challenge is to help design smart media interventions that will engage stakeholders in postindustrial heritage planning for abandoned factories.

Capital Steel Factory Beijing
Capital Steel Factory Beijing

The New Institute, the Netherlands’ new national institute for the creative industry, has invited Dutch research group The Mobile City to help develop an ongoing dialogue around the concept of smart cities between Chinese and Dutch architects, media makers and designers. We will launch the Made by Us project during the Beijing Design Week in partnership with the China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts (CMoDA) The programme will feature an interdisciplinary symposium, an exhibition and a two-day workshop led by Dutch and Chinese experts. Participating Dutch creatives will include the new media artist Sander Veenhof, Niki Smit from game studio Monobanda, and Mark van der Net of OSCity.nl. They and their Chinese colleagues will explore the use of new media technologies in a participatory approach to redeveloping postindustrial heritage. They will focus on the Beijing Capital Steel Company. Made by Us will result in a prototype and exhibition, which will be on view during the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecturein Shenzhen.

Made by Us aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and culture and the growth of market relationships between China and the Netherlands through exhibitions, conversations and collaborations that involve creative producers working in the fields of e-culture, design, architecture and planning.

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The program Made By Us is partly funded by the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund.


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