Presentation Hybrid City II conference “The smart city you love to hate”

From 23 to 25 May 2013 the wonderful conference “Hybrid City II: Subtle rEvolutions” took place in Athens, Greece. The conference was very good with many interesting talks and people, well-organized, beautiful venue and great city. Interestingly, several other speakers talked about the role of affect and emotions in our relationship with media technologies and cities. There seems to be something in the air..

Anyway, below the presentation I gave (pdf 775 KB; slightly modified to provide some image credits).

The smart city you love to hate

The talk is based on my submitted conference paper. The organizers told they want to publish the entire conference proceedings online under a Creative Commons license. We will be offered a small round of editing to sieve out some errors and typos (there are definitely a few in mine), so after that I will also put up my paper here.


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