Talk “What lessons can urban designers learn from new media?” (Dutch) Europan, Het Nieuwe Instituut, 12 April 2013

Europan, a European competition of ideas for young spatial designers, invited me (and also Miriam Luizink, director Mesa+ Institute for Nanotechnology) to give a talk at The New Institute in Rotterdam. My talk was about the influence of digital media technologies on urban design.

In the presentation I use the structure of a simple business plan to raise questions about potential lessons for spatial professionals from the world of new media. My argument is that in the context of combined crises in finance, expert knowledge and democratic legitimacy, urban designers should rethink several aspects of their professional occupation, including their vision and mission; their product or service; target group; resources; organization form; working process; distribution, marketing, and communication; and finance or business model.

Check out the presentation below (pdf 840 kb)


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