Moderating session “Food and Global Mobility”, ElectroSmog Festival, Saturday March 20 2010 16:00-18:00

Saturday 20th March 2010 from 16:00 ? 18:00 I will moderate the session “Food and Global Mobility” at the ElectroSmog Festival for sustainable immobility. The venue is De Balie, Amsterdam (Google Maps). Entry is free.

This is the program:

What does food mean for us today? There is a growing understanding that food is not only a fuel to keep our bodies working, a source of pleasure, and for some also a source of income. It is also an important link between us and our environments, natural and social, local and global. More and more people are trying to rethink our relationships with the world through food and different forms of engagement with it. The issue of sustainability in the age of hyper-mobility is one of the most urgent ones. Questions on the table can be different as well as answers to them. Should we reduce global food mobility and start buying more local products? But what then about farmers and communities in the developing countries for whom supplying us with fruits and vegetables is of great economic significance? What exactly would we like to know about the pre-shelf life of our food in order to make an informed responsible choice? How can we access this information? What alternative ideas for sustainable food strategies are out there? Is urban farming a promising way to reconnect to your food? And what does it actually mean – “sustainable food strategies”?

This panel will bring together people involved in practical and theoretical research related to sustainable food strategies. The idea is to present and discuss highly diverse perspectives on the issue where environmental, social, ethical, technological, scientific and aesthetic aspects can be interrelated in an interesting, insightful, creative, and even challenging way.

Speakers are in the session are:

1) Toine Timmermans (program manager sustainable food chains of Wageningen UR) – (see his proposed presentation here)

2) Hugo Hooijer (Fairfood) –

3) Esther Polak (locative media artist) –

4) Hernani Dias (“Refarm the City” project) –

5) Frank van der Hoeven (Associate Professor, Chair of Urban Design at Delft University of Technology) –

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