The Mobile City @IABR 2009

The Mobile City, the project I do together with Martijn de Waal, will organize four events during the upcoming ‘connectivity’ week at the International Architectural Biennale (IABR). The overarching theme of the biennale is ‘Open City: designing coexistence”.


This is what we’re doing:

  • November 5th 20:00-22:00 Keynote with Mark Shepard

    location: NAi Auditorium Rotterdam
  • November 6th 12:00-17:00 Sentient Rotterdam Workshop with Mark Shepard & The Mobile City. Participation is restricted to registered participants. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register.
    location: IABR Forum, NAi Rotterdam
  • November 6th 17:00-19:00 Opening of the Exhibition The Sentient City Survival Kit. The opening events includes a public presentation of the workshop results.

    location: IABR Open Podium, NAi Rotterdam. The Exhibition will last until November 12th. This event is followed by a Pecha Kucha Program at 20:20.
  • November 7th 10:00-20:00 Day of the Young Architect with keynote lecture by The Mobile City. Accessible to members of the Bond Nederlandse Architecten (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects).
    location: NAi Auditorium Rotterdam

For more information, see The Mobile City website >>.

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