New book: “De draagbare lichtheid van het bestaan”

draagbarelichtheid_front.jpegIn the shameless plug department:

“De draagbare lichtheid van het bestaan: het alledaagse gezicht van de informatiesamenleving” is a new book (in Dutch) about how new technologies have become part of our everyday use and experience. A group of mostly young researchers and PhD students, including myself, from various universities and institutions have contributed to this volume edited by Valerie Frissen & Jos de Mul. The book is aimed at a non-academic audience who are interested in understanding the role of new technologies in society. The topics of the various chapters range from ambient intelligence, mobile phones, web 2.0, open source, etc. The book explicitly aims to show in what ways these technologies have already become an everyday reality and consequently reaches beyond the common tendency to use utopian and/or dystopian visions to understand their ‘impact’.

List of contributors: Robin van den Akker (University of Birmingham), Bibi van den Berg (EUR), Jop Esmeijer (TNO), Madelon Kuiper (EUR), Michiel de Lange (EUR), Marc van Lieshout (TNO), Sander Limonard (TNO), Awee Prins (EUR), Mijke Slot (EUR/TNO), Marc Steen (TNO) en Stefan Verhaegh (Universiteit Twente).

Publisher: Klement/Pelckmans; ISBN 9789086870301; price: about € 20.


Book presentation: Saturday December 13 2008 14:00 – 17:00 in Bookstore Donner, Lijnbaan 150 Rotterdam (click for map).

Special guest: Marie-Jose Klaver.


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