Teaching course “Homo Mobilis: mobility, media & identity”


Starting this academic year Jeroen Timmermans, Jos de Mul and I are teaching a new course called “Homo Mobilis: mobility, media & identity” at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as an international masters. The aim of the course is to acquire a deeper understanding of some of the main theories of mobility, and its place in modern history, and to critically rethink the influence of transportation- and (digital) communication mobilities on human identity. The 15-week course schedule looks like this:

Introductory classes

1. First meeting, introduction, practical matters, course outline, syllabus, etc. Thematic overview of the course.

2. From movement to mobility: the concept of mobility.

3. Mobility systems and the mobilities paradigm.

4. A short history of media.

5. Philosophical overview of time/space by Jos de Mul.

Mobility systems

6. Public transport and the time schedule.

7. Airplanes, airports and non-places.

8. Car mobility.

9. Mobile media and smart mobs.

10. ICTs: spaces of flow.

Thematic & critical classes

11. Guest lecture by Lucas Harms (SCP)

12. ‘Liquid identity’ and ‘The corrosion of character’

13. ‘Identity under siege’ and ‘the saturated self’

14. Overshoot: critical perspectives on mobility.

15. Closing session. Presentation of assignments and discussion.

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