Mobile Media 2007 conference in Sydney

The last three days I have been at the Mobile Media 2007 conference, organized by Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth. The conference was held at the University of Sydney from 2 – 4 July 2007. Some 120 people attended the conference, many of them belonging to the well-known researchers in the field of mobile media.

A wide range of papers were presented. Most of them empirical, focussing mostly on the modern Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea) and Australia. Also quite some theoretical work, e.g. about changes in time and place, locative media, mobile phone anxieties. Almost all empirical work was about teenagers. Most papers were also at the level of devices, not infrastructure.

I presented a paper about the mobile phone and changes in identity. You can download it here. That session was one of the few with enough time for some substantial debate after the presentation (someone had cancelled) Got some useful feedback on it.

I’ll try and write some more substantial things about the conference soon.

Some pics:

Mobile Media 2007 - University of Sydney

Mobile Media 2007 - audience

Mobile Media 2007 - left to right: ??; Leslie Haddon; Leopoldini Fortunati; Genevieve Bell; Rich Ling; Judy Wacjman; Gerard Goggin

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