Public lecture Kenneth Gergen, June 12, Rotterdam

My research group is organizing a two-day visit (June 12 – 13 2007) to the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, by sociologist and psychologist Kenneth Gergen. Gergen is most widely known for his book “Saturated Self: dilemmas of identity in contemporary life” (originally published in 1991, second edition 2000). He is also known for his idea of “absent presence”.

The first day of his visit, Tuesday June 12, he will give a public lecture called:

Playland – Transformations in Technology, Identity and Culture

Kenneth Gergen will speak about the influence of modern communication technologies on human identities. He will specifically focus on the rise of play elements in digital culture en the transition in thinking about identity as monolithic entities

After the lecture there will be time for questions from the audience.

The lecture is in English.

Date: June 12 juni 2007

Time: 15:15 – 17:00.

Location: Room B2, Campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam


More information about Kenneth Gergen:

Entrance is free.

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