Phone brand tells who you are?


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A study by Nielsen Media Research suggests that the type of phone you wear says something about your personality:

What your mobile phone says about you:


  • Family-minded
  • Middle aged managers
  • Balance seekers
  • Health conscious


  • Fashion conscious
  • Under 24
  • Fun seekers
  • Individualistic

Sony Ericsson

  • Ambitious young men
  • Professionals
  • Success driven
  • Individualistic


  • Favourite of mums
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Success driven
  • Harmony seekers


  • Young women
  • Career focused
  • Success driven
  • Fun seekers

Whatever your opinion about such research (what do you mean LG is both for “stay at home parents” and “success driven”?), most telling are the comments by readers. The majority of commenters think it is utter crap to see a communications device as part of your identity. They think it is rather sad to judge someone based on what he uses for calling.

They seem to miss the point of the article, however, that your mobile says something about you, even if you do not choose them consciously. These kinds of articles do raise the interesting view that even though we all despise being easily identifiable by the brands we use, we nevertheless are continuously making choices (yes, also subliminally) and rationalize them as ‘functional’ (like the guy who says he always buys Nokia so that he doesn’t have to relearn navigation from scratch). The interplay of brands and identities, of marketing/production and consumption, is far too complicated to just push research like this aside as nonsense…

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