Along the Lagos-Jos road

After visiting Lagos, we followed a Peak Milk transport by truck. Our driver was mr. Bello. He himself was of partly Fulani descent. When he understood that we were interested in \Peak Milk AND Fulani milk, he started to tell stories about milk and pointed out every Fulani herd we passed!

The whole trip to Jos lasted 2 days. The first day was not so quick due to engine difficulties. At the fall of night we had to split up and go ahead in the security car that followed us. This became a hallucinogenic 4 hour nightly speed-drive to Abuja, including deep potholes, sudden roadblocks, bushfires, the fear of armed robbers and joining a spontaneous car convoy at up to 140 km/h through thick layers of smoke. We arrived in Abuja at 22:00, 4 hours after dark. The next day drive to Jos was more comfortable 🙂
mr. Bello in his truck passing Fulani cows 

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