New pics from Nigeria!!

Just a dump of some of the most interesting pics from the last few days in Shonong, a rural area south of Jos where we have stayed for a few days. Sorry for the grungy quality, I have done it the easy way because uploading each image in its original quality takes too long from here.

Hilltop in Bachit where we made a stop to call to NWO for the Co-Ops launchs. THis was the best place for reception.

Esther pointing at some maps that hung from the district chiefs house whom we visited.

Esther, Sadik Balewa and Ab at Dini & Jaap’s place

Talking to the Berom chief under the Mango tree and explaining our purposes in the village of Shonong

Ab, ElHadj Masseia and John talking about routes

Ab, ElHadj Masseia and John talking about routes and drawing a map on the ground

Fulani Woman in Shonong preparing my first nonno (yogurt drink)

Another Fulani woman after having prepared my second nonno at the market of Makera. Here Fulani Milk and Peak come together – see the cans in front!!

Ya’u milking a cow. I followed some Fulani men with their cattle for a day in the field.

Ya’u, Isa and Hassan with fresh milk. Hassan is wearing the GPS device I gave him. He has walked a really nice trail that I hope to post later.

Hassan and Ya’u in front of their hut, near where the cows spend the night, and they too

Ya’u, Hassan, Isa

More Fulani boys show up, with their own herd

Oldest brother Maikudi has a closer look at the GPS device Hassan is wearing

Who said being a herdsman is hard work…?

Everything I wrote down caught the immediate interest of everybody. The Fulani are very keen on mediation! 🙂

The making of Fulani milk

Maikudi killed a viper in the field. The Berom farmer cut off its head and tail, let it drip empty, skin it, and dry it. The next day he told me he had a nice chopchop!

Again, everything I photographed or filmed was very interesting to the men

The Fulani men I went walking with are looking at the pictures I made with Esther’s camera. So I took a picture of that with the cellphone. How meta!

One of the things that struck me most during that day was the close interaction of agricultural life and semi-nomadic pastoralism. As soon as fields were harvested, the Fulani could access the land for their cattle to graze. The cows both strip the land clean of remaining plants and shit on it, so it is fertilized again. Here sorghum is harvested.

Hassan on his favorite cow. Maikudi behind it.

And after a hot day in the field, I saw a large can of Peak Milk standing near one of the houses of the family of Ahmadu Idris (the father of Maikudi, Ya’u and Hassan)!!

OK, tha-tha-tha-thatsallfolks!

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  1. In Ghana been chilling with the Fulani, wanted to see what other photographs there were of them—just wanted to thank you for posting some accurate ones that really resonate. I came across your website when I saw a photo of you with the two Fulani men, it was funny because I thought you were one of my colleagues from Engineers Without Borders, Dan; and also because those Fulani looked very familiar.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for your kind words. Yeah, it has been an interesting experience hanging around with these herdsmen in the field. Your blog looks nice too BTW! Were you near Tamalé? I’ve been there too once. But didn’t realize at that time that there were Fulani in north Ghana.

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