Cartographic section of the Ministry of Lands Survey

Maps of Nigeria

Dini and Jaap, the incredibly hospitable Dutch couple in Jos where we are staying, gave us one of their many golden tips that the Ministry of Lands Survey & Town Planning sells beautiful old maps. We arrived by okado just a little before 16:00, when everyone was just leaving the premises after a hard days work.. Luckily we talked 2 men into at least showing us some of the maps.

The state these maps are kept in is just ridiculous: dust, half-eaten by 137 generations of rodents, yellowish from moist, rolled up and thrown under a table, etc. Tomorrow we will go there early and see if we can find anything useful of the area we plan to do research on Fulani herdsmen. Good and detailed maps are hard to find. Ab Drent, our good man in Nigeria, has been able to contact some groups of Fulani and will introduce us there this Saturday, insh’allah/deo volente.

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