Mobile phone comes in handy for Indian fishermen

According to Washington Post, Indian Fishermen make intensive use of the mobile phone to find the best place to sell their fish. While still at sea, they make several calls to buyers in different ports to inquire which one offers the best price. It is also used to alert friendly boats to huge schools of fish.

Indian Fishers

I have heard of similar stories about Senegalese fishermen using GPS to inform each other of coordinates of good fishing grounds. Of course, this may be occurring in Nigeria too, with Fulani herdsmen…

Just like the idea was in the case of farmers, the mobile phone has led to a power shift from middlemen to the fishers. I remember from my research in Jakarta in the year 2000 an enthousiastic article  called from Njuwok to New York that hailed the potential of the internet for tahu farmers to trade directly with other markets.

Via the mobile-society mailinglist (post by Rich Ling)

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