Mobile phone annoyances

According to a yearly recurring research by Dutch consultancy bureau CheckItOut (a Newcom branch), teenagers as well are annoyed by people talking too loud in their mobile phone, or having stupid ringtones.

47 % thinks loud conversations are a nuisance
46 % dislikes irritating ringtones
38 % doesn’t want to listen in on other people’s conversations

The poll was held among 585 young people between 12 – 25 years.
Among the total Dutch population, the numbers are even higher, according to the Telecom monitor 2006 (source

62 % is annoyed by loud conversations
60 % hates listening to other people’s conversations
40 % hates annoying ringtones
37 % doesn’t like his/her partner to answer the phone during a normal conversation
35 % doesn’t like loud ringtones

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