Visual power Show in Essen, Germany June 23


This Friday, Mylene and I did a bit of a crazy thing and drove over 200 kilometers east to Essen and back again at the same evening to see the Visual Power Show. It was held in a former industrial complex called Zollverein, in the cole-washer to be exactly. They are transforming many old factories in the Ruhr-area into ‘creative zones’ now as a way to preserve them. It was tamed wildness: you couldn’t wander around and explore the building or the terrain. Finding the venue turned out to be a real pain: first we drove the wrong way to Essen, then we arrived on the terrain but had to find out where it was, together with some indignified Germans.
Although the show sometimes leaned toward platitudes about modern day consumerism, I thought it was really fun to watch. A lot of speed, rapid changes between speakers, who held their presentations very brief (10 min max). Unfortunately we didn’t stay to see the whole show because we didn’t want to get back too late.

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