“Old curtains, new screens” conference @Balie June 18

Last week, Saturday June 18 I was at the “Old curtains, new screens” conference, organized by our colleagues from the NWO-TKC project. The conference was mainly about the use of internet for/by minority groups in eastern Europe. One of the more interesting talks was by Aniko Imre. She discussed ludic aspects in a Hungarian anime-film, translated as The District. Some ludic aspects that were brought forward are: the medium (an anime, which is normally connected to children’s entertainment), ludic use of techniques (weird flat bodies with natural-looking heads based on photographs of real people), playing with identities through language-use, confirmation yet also reversals of stereotypes (The Gypsies, the lower-class, the police, the Russians, women, etc.) and a kind of meta-ludic statement that playing with identity is fun!

See http://www.debalie.nl/artikel.jsp?articleid=52781&podiumid=media for the program.

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