Update (not perished…)

Yes yes, still here.. after finally moving to my own apartment in the east of Amsterdam and becoming responsible for my own dirty dishes, and after finishing Sources of the Self, the magnum opus by Charles Taylor’s (yes, the Liberian dictator-philosopher 😉 it’s time for a little update on what I’ve been up to lately:

  • Writing on my paper about mobile communication as gift culture. Unfortunately it was turned of for the book by Katz, Ling and Campbell.
  • Reading: i.a. Taylor, and a lot of literature on mobile communication.
  • Succeeded in getting the NWO grant for the art/science project. Really cool: I joined a preliminary plan by artist Esther Polak and anthropologist Ab Drent who want to work with the perceptions and visualisations of space amongst the pastoral Fulani herdsman in west-Africa. The project as it is planned now would take place in Nigeria. The idea is, as said in an earlier post, to let scientist and artist cooperate in a project, with both of them learning and gaining insights from the other. I’ll write about it some more as when the plan gets more concrete
  • Done some other stuff: thinking about the site www.playful-identities.nl (not even working properly, so no clickable link here..); going to some symposia too: Christiana Seidel’s symposium about selfhood; ICT yearbook by SCP & Rathenau in The Hague on Monday May 15.

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