Some more fun designs for mobile phones

Not too long ago I posted these cool designs for mobile phones that make you think about their use in public space. Now here is another line of (humorous) products that make you think about the uses of mobile phones:

  • Tru:th – a phone with a build-in alcohol promilage meter you can only use when drunk and are more likely to tell the truth
  • Rosary – a phone that portrays religious icons, so you can pray to them on-the-go
  • Phish – a phone that makes the water in your fish bowl raise by one degree every minute, so keep it brief!
  • Cactus – a phone with sharp spikes on its keys, so the one who is called knows he/she’s really special to the caller

They are designed by a collective that calls itself the MPAA (Mobile Phone Abusers Anonymous). Here’s what they do:

Our primary purpose is to foster awareness of the mobile phone — the devastation it can cause, and the salvation it can offer. We do this by offering meetings, mobile phone discussions, replacement products, activities and much much more.

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