Cool design project with mobile phones

Everyone knows mobile phones can be irritating as hell to others, especially in public places. But as soon as we ourselves are calling, we don’t care so much any longer about others near us, do we…?

SoMo is a cool & funny design project that questions our behaviour in public spaces, and gives us some sanctions to ‘enlighten’ others. 5 Different mobile phones have been designed:

– SoMo1 is the electric shock mobile.
– SoMo2 is the speaking mobile.
– SoMo3 is the musical mobile.
– SoMo4 is the knocking mobile.
– SoMo5 is the catapult mobile.

==update: link to article on The Economist about five prototype “social mobiles” >>

SoMo. social mobiles. projeto colaborativo. IDEO e Crispin Jones, This project is a collaboration between IDEO and the artist e designer Crispin Jones, It presents five social mobiles (electric shock mobile, speaking mobile, musical mobile, knocking mobile, catapult mobile) that in different ways modify their user’s behaviour to make it less disruptive. The electric shock mobile delivers a variable level of electric shock depending on how much loudly the person at the other end is speaking. As a result the two parties are induced to speak more quietly. The catapult mobile can been used to launch sounds into other people’s phone conversation. This provides a direct yet discreet way of invading their space.

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