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With web 2.0 approaching, at least if we must believe the hype, the mobile world is lagging behind. I read this piece on mobile 2.0 in which the author, a mobile phone marketeer/consultant, sees the advent of a new era in mobile communications in which anything is possible. No clues on what mobile 2.0 will look like, only that the user is central. In a reply to this article, I wonder if ever this can be done in the same fashion as web 2.0, without moving to more open source platforms on the mobile:

What I see as a hindrance in the mobile world, as opposed to the web, is the lack of open standards and tools to build your own applications. Web 2.0 is based on user intelligence instead of technologies, i.e. by giving users smart tools that enable them to apply human semantics to information provided, you get a more intelligent web. This can only be done in a massive (thus useful) way with open standards and protocols thar are inclusive and inviting to everyone. Now, as I see it, this ‘open-source’ story is an aspect seriously lacking from mobile platforms. What do you think about that?

What _is_ happening right now is an increase in people moblogging their lives and sharing experiences with friends. This is likely the beginning of a convergence of digital media. There are some interesting applications already being made that are free (as in beer) or even open/free (as in speech):


Yet the mobile phone as a platform remains closed, apart from having Java on board perhaps. Or are there alternatives?

Berlin pic
(Pic taken in Berlin last year with my girlfriend’s phone, why don’t I have a camera-phone yet..? Should I start moblogging too…?)

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