Things to do….

Things are getting busier now: I have said yes to several opportunities of presenting a paper before a group:

  • March 15: I will present a preliminary paper about mobile communication as gift culture in the P.I.G (‘Playful Identities Group’, as we have appreciatively dubbed ourselves…)
  • March 20: paper about mobile communication as gift culture in the “AIO overleg” (PhD meeting).
  • May ??: present second draft of this paper in the ‘Vakgroepoverleg’.
  • September 18: a presentation about technology & theory (we will separate identity, play and technology as the 3 main domains to focus on in our literature studies).
  • Finish this paper and hope to have it published

And besides that, I also will

  • have a meet-up Februari 9 with Tim vd Hoff, who is going to create the research website at
  • give a little presentation later that day about some articles, during the second lesson of the course by Valerie Frissen about technology
  • write a art-science proposal before March 1
  • prepare a presentation for one of the final courses of Valerie in April (I think).

And I thought I had all the time in the world to just read books…

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