Science-Art project NWO: mobile art

NWO programme “Transformaties in Kunst en Cultuur” (Transformations in Art and Culture) (website poorly updated) is starting a science-art project (Geestesoog NWO #3 Sept. 2005 3-5 PDF file in Dutch) to research the interplay between academic study of new cultural developments and art. Academic research that receive sponsorship by NWO, have been invited to contribute ideas. Our research project ‘Playful Identities’ too has been asked to come up with one or more science-art proposals.
While I was looking for projects that have something to do with mobile technologies, science and art, I found a couple of results that can be categorised into either mobile films or locative art.

category short films/animations for mobile devices:
Mobile Fest Festival for Short Film
Pocketshorts Funding for Short Film makers
Mobilemediafest Short Film Award
Cellflix Festival for Short Film

category locative:
The Milk project
Amsterdam Realtime
Graz Mobile Landscape (see earlier post)
Interdisciplinary project on mobile media and surveillance

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