Steadily adding links to other research projects

On the right hand side, you will find an increasing number of links to other research projects I’ve come across. Many of these are in the form of a weblog too. This makes it easy for me to keep track of them by adding them in a really nice RSS reader I have just found for the Mac: Vienna. And it’s open source too!

An interesting one I just found is Torill Mortensen’s blog. She has written a little piece about work vs. play:

Work vs play
Make tea not war (wonderful name) in Wellington comments on our effort to make a researcher’s guild on Wow. Mostly it is a musing at how some people make their hobbies into their job.

This is interesting, because it says something about work as opposed to play, and positions itself in a discourse where certain assumptions are accepted as truth.

1) Playing because it is work can not really be fun.

2) A hobby has to become less interesting if you learn so much about it that it starts to appear to be work.

3) Work is something we do for the sake of duty, enjoying it makes it suspect unless the pleasure is tied to ambition, duty or hard-earned skill.

4) All study of something people do at their leisure is suspect, as the researcher appears to have found an excuse to spend more time with their hobbies than other people.

Luckily, there is more to work and play than this.

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  1. Playful identities? And not playing? Ever thought about getting into WOW, on the horde side, on the Moonglade server, European? Perhaps making a mage, hunter, warlock or druid? Into a guild of game researchers and their fans and friends?

    Just asking…

  2. Yes, maybe you are right, it’s about time I go play myself. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… The focus of my research will be on mobile technologies, so maybe I will start playing mobile games. But online RPG’s sound interesting too. Perhaps you can introduce me into a guild :)?

  3. These four points immediately brings the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to mind. Recommended reading because of his concept of ‘Flow’, a state of mind people achieve when they do things they like and can do well. This concept is the opposite of these four old fashioned points.

    How do I paste a clickable link? I tried it a dozen times, but it is not accepted it seems.

  4. Hi Reinder,
    Good to hear from you. Coincidentally, I have just ordered that book a few days ago at, because I’d like to read some more about the theme of ‘flow’. It is also mentioned in one of Victor Turner’s essays called “Liminal to Liminoid, in Play, Flow, and Ritual” (in “From Ritual to Theatre: the human seriousness of play”, 1982). In this essay Turner explores the state of liminality (or ‘liminoid’ as he likes to call it when talking about ‘non-primitive’ peoples) and the intensification of experience that goes along with it, just like in a state of ‘flow’. It is also linked with ‘play’ in several aspects, because it entails a “suspension of disbelief”, it is only rewarding in itself, and it involves spontaneity.

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