Recent publications about digital media and the city

Below are scans of some of my recent (non-academic) publications about digital media and ownership in the city:

samenslimmer.PNG De Lange, M. (2012). Eigenaarschap: stedelingen betrekken bij hun stad met digitale media. In M. Kreijveld (Ed.), Samen Slimmer. Hoe de wisdom of crowds onze samenleving verandert. (pp. 152-153). Den Haag: STT (jpg 1 MB Dutch).

De Lange, M. (2012). Digitale media en de stad: omarm de complexiteit. Architectenweb Magazine (nummer 48, mei/juni 2012), 60-63 (pdf 5.8 MB Dutch).

De Lange, M., & De Waal, M. (2011). What Is Ownership and Why Does It Matter? Volume, #30 Privatize!, 40-43. (pdf 7.2 MB English). This is actually the introduction to the English version of our publication Ownership in the Hybrid City.

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