Studium Generale talk about popular culture & mobile phone

Tomorrow (Tuesday November 11 from 15:30 to 17:30) I will do a talk about the mobile phone in Indonesia and popular culture for the Studium Generale at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. I will say something about how the handphone in Indonesia is part of popular (urban) culture, and what we can learn from studying the handphone for a better understanding of popular culture. The session will be in Dutch.

what: Studium Generale symposium “De popcultuur ontgonnen”

where: Zaal B-3, Woudestein, Rotterdam

time: 11 november 2008 15:30 – 17:30

who: dr. Stef Aupers (socioloog FSW), dr. Tonny Krijnen (communicatiewetenschapper FHKW), drs. Michiel de Lange (cultureel antropoloog FW) en dr. Bart Barendrecht (cultureel antropoloog Universiteit Leiden). Prof. dr. Ton Bevers (socioloog FHKW) fungeert als co-referent en stelt kritische vragen. Moderatie: prof.dr. Dick Houtman (bijzonder hoogleraar cultuursociologie FSW). Organized by Niels van Poecke.

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